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To ALL SS Freestyle Members,

The Leadership team has developed and approved the  2020/21 SS Freestyle Covid-19 Safety Plan .  We ask that ALL members read and use the plan as a reference to our safety policy while participating in SS Freestyle programs and activities.  

Parents and families are asked to discuss these policies with their children and highlight each person's responsibility around COVID-19 safety.  This process is about staying informed and adhering to daily COVID-19 procedures.  These daily procedures must be followed by ALL of our active Freestyle Club members and their families in order to fight COVID-19 and have an amazing winter of skiing and snowboarding.    

Below is a list of questions and answers to identify the responsibilities of ALL members, in regards to the SS Freestyle daily COVID-19 procedures.  Please review and use this page as a reference tool each day to ensure the highest level of safety in our skiing and snowboarding community.

Please be patient and respectful of each other as we act diligently to reduce the spread of COVID-19. 

2020/21 SS Freestyle COVID Q&A

What steps should I take to ensure we are safe before arriving at Silver Star Mountain?

Before arriving at Silver Star all SS Freestyle members (participants and family members) are asked to complete the following SS Freestyle questions:

“Have you…”

1) Experienced a fever, cough, difficulty breathing or cold and flu like symptoms?

2) Been in close contact with a person with COVID-19 (probable or confirmed) or who has symptoms compatible with COVID-19 (fever, cough, difficulty breathing)?

3) Travelled outside the country in the last 2 weeks?

4) Been contacted by a health authority regarding close contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19?

 ANY member that answers YES to ANY of these questions is not fit for skiing or riding that day, must stay home/return home and call 811.

Where do I park when we arrive at Silver Star?

If you are driving to Silver Star Mountain please ensure you follow 20/21 Silver Star Mountain Resort Parking Reservation System. Prior to arriving please book your parking through the Silver Star Mountain Parking App. Click Here for details.

Where do we meet for SS Freestyle programs?

Meeting Locations are now separated into specific ZONES:

ZONE A - Freestyle Hut South

ZONE - Freestyle Hut North

ZONE - NATC South (next to village ski way)

ZONE - Red Barn (Old wedding barn at Horsin' Around)

Click here for location map.

Here are some basic safety guidelines to follow at the meeting locations: 

  • All members must be 3 meters apart at all times
  • ALL members must wear face coverings at meeting locations
  • All members must review and and understand the IMPORTANT meeting times specific to their meeting location
  • Parents - please review and provide reminders of safe distancing and face covering guidelines with your children
COVID-19 Questionnaire - All group participants will answer a small individual questionnaire at the start of each session with their coaches before leaving their meeting location

When do we meet for SS Freestyle programs?

IMPORTANT TIMES: the 20/21 program schedule has been designed to allow safe distancing between any and all SS Freestyle members and non-members.  Understanding where we need to be and when; and getting to where we need to be ON-TIME is critical to ensuring we adhere to Provincial Health Authority guidelines.  Too many people in one area will make safe distancing impossible.  


Please review the 20/21 meeting LOCATIONS and important TIMES for the programs your child will attend. 

What happens if we are late to meeting times?

Program Coordinators will hang around for 15minutes after the groups have left.  If you are later then that parents are welcome to meet up with their child's group on the mountain but will need an escort.  If you are late or can not make it please let us know by text: 250-550-5322.

Are washrooms and sanitations stations available?

Washrooms and sanitations stations will be available in public spaces provided by Silver Star Mountain.  Here are some basic safety guidelines to follow when using public washrooms and/or public spaces:

  • All members must be 3 meters apart at all times
  • ALL members must wear face coverings when using public washrooms and/or public spaces
  • All members must keep hands clean by hand washing and/or using sanitiser
  • Parents - please review and provide reminders of safe distancing and face covering guidelines with your children

Where can I store my belongings and take lunch or snack breaks?

ZONES A, B, C - There is no designated space provided to store personal belongings.  SS Freestyle recommends belongings be kept in a vehicle or at a Silver Star Mountain residence.  As always there is no supervision during the lunch break.

Click Here for Silver Star Mountain's operational changes for health and safety this season.  Please note there will be restrictions in place so having a back up plan is recommended.

ZONE D - Space will be provided for up to ONE back-pack per athlete.  Athletes using this space will have to ski to/from the location.  For more information regarding ZONE D contact your team's Head Coach or visit your team's webpage.

I really want my child to ski/ride in the SS Freestyle Club this season but I am concerned about COVID-19 safety, how can I make my sessions safer?

  1. Limit your time indoors - Maintain safe distance, wear face covering and keep hands clean/sanitised.
  2. Help SS Freestyle ensure safety guidelines are met by volunteering as a tail gunner.
  3. Share this plan with your children and respectfully communicate it to others.

Will there be competitions this season?

SS Freestyle is striving to organise fun and safe local opportunities to test your athlete's skills this winter.  Our Head Coaches have drafted up some modified event options that SS Freestyle is considering and upon approvals could see local opportunities for SS Freestyle members to compete in safe fashion.  

Freestyle BC and Freestyle Canada have set some tentative plans as well.  BC Snowboard and IFSA have not yet announced any tentative schedules but have assured us that events may still happen in BC this season.  For a look at what's been tentatively scheduled stay tuned to the following calendar link: click here  

Are there refunds if programs are cancelled or I am unhappy with the safety of SS Freestyle programs?

Please review the 2020/21 SS Freestyle Refund Statement

If you have questions regarding this season please contact .

Can I post Freestyle Activities on social media during Covid?

Both Freestyle BC and BC Snowboard Associations have restrictions on posting sanctioned activities on social media until further notice. 

Freestyle Ski Provincial Guidelines

Canada Snowboard Guidelines and Updates

Provincial Health Orders - BC

SS Freestyle Notice on Refunds

Dec 7

Additional orders - Dec 7

  • Three meters distancing. Where a mask when closer then three meters
  • 8:1 athlete to coach ratio
  • Courses run under approval from Freestyle BC Executive Director

March 16

  • SS Freestyle suspends ALL programming until further notice - Click here for official notice from SS Freestyle Club President. 
  • Big White, Sun Peaks, Revelstoke, Apex suspend operations.
  • Freestyle BC to host Club meeting Wednesday March 18.  SS Freestyle will be in attendance.

March 15 

  • Silver Star Mountain Resort - Closed March 15 to 22 - Click here for more information.
  • SS Freestyle has suspended all programming until further notice.  This pertains to Comp teams, Development team and SD 22 Snowsports programs.  Stay tuned for next update March 16.  Contact - your coach or if you have any questions. 

March 13 

  • SS Freestyle has cancelled Freestyle Springbreak camps. Refunds will be issued.
  • Freestyle BC - COVID -19 update to members and clubs
  • Freestyle Canada - All events have been cancelled for the remainder of the 2020 ski season

Canadian Sport Medicine Advisory committee - sign up for the latest updates. Click here

BC Government Statements  -  Click here 

  • 20 Oct 2020 10:01 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    October 2

    To SS Freestyle Members,

    Throughout the summer our club has participated in webinars, phone calls, zoom calls, and other forms of communication with Freestyle Canada, Freestyle BC, BC Snowboard, Via Sport, Silver Star Mountain Resort, and other freestyle clubs across the country to ensure that we can offer and support safe programming this winter as they pertain to COVID-19 restrictions.  Our operating plan will meet or exceed provincial guidelines and will fit with Silver Star's requirements.  Our coaches will be given instruction to keep us within the standards and our athlete's will be instructed and supported to embrace the standards that are in place.  

    As we have all seen, even the best plans to deal with COVID will change.  We will post our operating plans closer to the season starting and will continue to update and re-enforce our plan throughout the season.  If there are concerns or suggestions please feel free to email me at  Safety is always our top priority.   

    Ryan Johnson - Club President

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