WAITLIST UPDATE : Current status is that several winter programs are full and there is a waitlist until we recruit more coaches.  All Waitlist requests will be notified as spots become available.  Waitlists can hold off on memberships until they have a confirmed spot. 

Air 1/2 and Planning Questionnaire

31 May 2021 2:01 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Hi SS Freestyle Coaches,

Hope you are all doing well!  Thanks everyone for helping us get through a covid winter. Some spring programs are now operating and we are planning some summer fun as well. Here is a couple of updates at this time.


Air 1 and 2's (Trampoline Coach training)

SS Freestyle always encourages coaches to take training when it is available locally.  The next Air 1 and Air 2 trampoline courses are coming up in VERNON and APEX Water Ramp (Oliver):

If you haven't got these courses yet we hope you will consider taking them this year.


Planning for 2021/22 Season

SS Freestyle has started planning for next year.  The club is working on some main priorities:  Coach Development, Facilities, Events, and Communications.  We need your help by answering a few questions and giving us some direction for next year:

  1. Are you planning to coach next season?
  2. What courses or training would you like to take in the future?  One of the aims is to put together some funds for the upcoming season to help coaches that are taking training so please include a list of courses you wish to take.
  3. Do you know anyone who would be interested in becoming a coach for SS Freestyle Ski and Snowboard? If so, the list includes their name and contact info.
  4. General feedback - Do you have any suggestions for the SS Freestyle Club?  SS Freestyle is open to your ideas and now is the time to contribute.  Let us know!

Please email this directly to wade@ssfreestyle.com. Thanks for helping us in planning for next season!


Remember Coaches Corner has a lot of relevant information. This information will live there. Click Here.

Look forward to hearing from everyone soon.

Kind Regards,

Wade Garrod

Program Director

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