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  • 05 Aug 2020 11:12 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hi Folks,

    SS Freestyle will offer some training this week at Silver Star.  Summer Block 1 is now over.   

    Silver Star Lot E Freestyle Training center is now open with dryslope rail training and trampoline training.  This training is open to ALL SS Freestyle Members. 

    Location: Lot E.  The yellow gate is always kept shut with lock in unlocked position. Please keep gate closed at all times as you come and go. 

    If you need your 2020/2021 Membership Click here.  Email to prior to registering.

    Sessions available:

      •  Thursday Evening RAIL JAM - Funds will go 100% to "Play it Forward"
        • $20 / Session
      • Friday Morning TRAMPS - With Head Coach Hayden
      • Saturday TRAMP and RAIL Session - With Noah Morrison

    SKI PROGRAMS - Click here to register for available sessions Aug 6-8, 2020.  Stay tuned for more training available to all club members at Silver Star this Summer. 

    SNOWBOARD: Click here

  • 30 Jul 2020 3:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    Hi Folks,

    Its been a weird year.  Its been challenging to secure a water ramp schedule for Covert Farms.  Now that we have managed to secure some dates the registration will be done a little differently then in in the past.  Hayden has done a great job managing the plan.  More dates will be available but to start here is what we have.

    DATES: August 15,16,17,18

    • Two sessions per day 
      • Session 1 - 8:15 to 11:30am
      • Session 2 - 12:30 to 3:45pm
      • 12 athletes max per session
    • Everyone who signed up for block one training at Silver Star will be offered two sessions minimum.
      • Registration will open up Tuesday Aug 4 at 9am.
      • Registration link click here.
      • Please consider group prescriptions on the registration link.
    • The remaining sessions will be by INVITE only. If you wish to have a third or fourth session during this 4 day period you should email  .  Please do so prior to Tuesday Aug 4th at 9am. 

    Feel free to contact or if you have any questions.

  • 03 Jul 2020 2:34 PM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

    TO: SS Freestyle Ski Athletes (Comp team, Dteam, and new prospects)

    FROM: Hayden Person, Head Coach

    Hi Team,

    I hope everyone has been doing well and staying healthy!  I’m really excited to announce our summer programs for competitive skiers following the release of the BC Return to Play Guidelines.

    Tentatively - SS Freestyle will be offering TWO 3-week long programs this summer for competitive ski freestyle athletes. The first block will consist of trampoline and dryslope rails/box at Silver Star in Lot E.  This will continue in the second Block with the addition of water ramp camp options in August at Covert Farms.

    Ski athletes receiving this update are invited to join in this summers programing.  Its encouraged that athletes choose 1 to 2 session per week.  First block sessions will be offered Fridays and Saturdays starting July 17/18 for 3 weeks.

    If your interested in SS Freestyle Summer training program please review the details below and follow the 3 step process to signing up.  If have questions regarding these amazing programs please contact .



    Block #1 

    • Calendar link - Click here
      • Each 3 session booking cost $85. Choose:
        • Fridays July 17,24, & 31 and/or
        • Saturdays July 18, 25 & Aug 1
    • Choose your session times:
      • Session #1 - 8:45am-11:45pm
      • Session #2 - 11:45am-2:15pm
      • Session #3 - 2:30pm-5:00pm
    • Lesson Outline:

    • Location - E-Lot Silver Star. By the horse barn. 

    Block #2 - Details coming soon. 

    • More Dryslope rails / Trampoline
    • Water Ramps at Covert Farms

      Covid-19 information -  Please read through the following documents and understand we are in a "new normal".  These documents are in place to ensure the safety of all freestyle athletes and the general population in BC. 

      -Freestyle BC Return to Play 

      -Participant Agreement 

      To participate in the first block of summer training follow these steps:

      To Register:

      FIRST STEP - To register for summer freestyle ski programing go to Freestyle BC Membership page to purchase your 2020/21 License. Click here. This will take approximately 30min.

      • Timber Tour athletes need a Provincial License.  
      • Super Youth, Regional Competition and those competing in IFSA events only require Club License.
      • ALL athletes need a Snoreg Freestyle Canada license

      SECOND STEP -   Email your Snoreg receipt to .

      • When your Snoreg payment receipt is received you will be emailed the link to on line Summer Program Registration. 
      • Choose your sessions
      • Athletes are encouraged to do two sessions per week. One each Friday and Saturday.

      THIRD STEP (Goal Setting).  In the registration form will be a link for Goal Setting. Please fill out the Goal Setting sheet

    • 13 May 2020 11:32 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

      To Comp Freestyle Team,

      This message is targeted towards the 2019/20 Comp Freestyle team.  Hope you are all well during this time of Covid-19.  Sounds like we are on the horizon of a shift to where we "might" be able to do more sports activities.  Important information will be coming in the next 2-4 weeks as the sport sector has its meetings and guidelines for facilities and programming is laid out.  

      Just to be clear Freestyle is NOT insured to operate programming at this time.  But we are keen to provide smooth transitions and purposeful activities as restrictions are lifted. More to come on Spring / Summer programs.  Freestyle programming is going to look different going forward.

      Right NOW we are looking at the 2-3 month period ahead of us. Momentum Camps may be one of the options for the SS Freestyle Comp Team.   Again there currently is a lot of "unknown details".  We are hopeful at best that these training opportunities will exist this summer.  An important note to each athlete that a lot of emphasis on preparation will be required before showing up at SS Freestyle Comp Team camps this season. 

      Please check out Momentum Camps "Teams options".  Option 3 is where SS Freestyle could send its team with its coach (or coaches).  In the next week (or so) Momentum will be making a business case to see if they will be able to operate this summer. At this time we are seeking YOUR interest in Momentum Camp "Team training". Costs and travel plans are undetermined at this time.   We would propose 6 - 9 snow days with 3 days on snow then 1 day off cycles.  We are not sure on exact dates of the Momentum Whistler but speculate it would be between June 29 & July 19.  Also based on the groups needs will determine how much slopestyle and moguls training the camp would offer. 

      After speaking with Hayden he recognizes this is a big investment for families.  This training opportunity is next level for many of the athletes on the SS Freestyle Comp Team.  If your not able to make it for any reason we will be providing more local and regional options as well.  But for any training camp to get the best value the athlete must be dedicated to the process of preparing for the camp.  The following pre-camp preparation is required:

      • Goal setting prioritizing purpose of the camp ~ over phone with Hayden
      • Technical prep -Spring trampoline, dry-slope rail and water ramping prior ~ With Coach(es)
      • Physical - General strength and conditioning likely on your own.
        • 2-3 workouts per day
          • 30 to 90 minutes
          • Strength (at home or on-line)
          • Flexibility and recovery
          • Aerobic (run/swim/bike) On your own or with family members
          • General virtual guidance from a coach

      So if you're interested in pursuing  Momentum camps and willing to do the preparation please express your interest to OR comment publicly in the comment section below.  Also feel free to include if you choose to email.   Please show your interest by Friday May 15, 2020

      As more details unfold we will keep you posted via this blog and email. 

      Kind Regards,

      Wade Garrod

      SS Freestyle

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