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December 2019

Well, I hope everyone had an amazing spring and summer 2019.  Living and enjoying a smoke free Okanagan valley was priceless.  We are so lucky to live in this part of the world.  

Part of that enjoyment was watching our Silver Star Freestyle Club athletes send it at water ramp training at Covert Farms in Oliver.  We ran three 3 day camps again this summer with some optional 1 day camps for those trying water ramps for the first time.  Water ramps is a great progression facility for kids to take their tricks from the trampoline to a venue that is safe and where they can try their tricks with skis on.  I would encourage all our athletes to talk with our coaches and to give this a try.  Big shout out to all our coaches who lead these sessions and to Wade Garrod for organizing this program.    We will post some videos on our Instagram account soon for everyone to see. 

The start of school is an important time for everyone.  Getting our kids ready for the next educational challenge, sorting out school supplies, clothes, and of course the FALL SCHEDULE!  Nothing quite like the back to school schedule of transporting our kids from one "priority" to the next.  The SSFC is very appreciative that one of those priorities was our Fall Trampoline program.  Once again, we maxed out this fall program with athletes from ages 7 to 17.  In addition, we hosted programs for the Alpine Ski Club and Maven Lane.  This tramps program even took a group of over 25 to Air House in Kelowna weekly.  We loaded this amazing venue with a ton of energy, talent, and superb coaching over the fall and some of the progression and flat out fun was great to see.  If you have not participated in our fall tramps program please reach out to learn more.  This is the safest way to learn how to tramp, get some great exercise, and learn some progression skills that you can take to the slopes. 

And just like that winter is here again….. 

Registration is open for our Winter Programming.  Spread the word and get your family and friends to be a part of largest Freestyle club in Canada.  Your Board of Directors has put a focus this season on instruction, family, and building life long skiers.  This is part of our Vision and to do this we have put more resources and support to our team of coaches so they can provide the highest quality training they are capable of for our kids.  In addition, we intend to create more opportunity for family members to "tail gun" our groups and share more experiences they are having on social media.  We have consciously committed to hosting fewer events this year so we can focus our volunteer energy on training, team building, and creating a club environment. 

If you love watching our athletes compete make sure you register for our Send It, Land It, Nailed It competition at Silver Star on family day long weekend.  This will be a great comp for all our club athletes to participate in, as it brings friendly competition experience in a familiar and fun environment.  And of course, we will be supporting athletes to attend the Timber Tour Events in the province.  These BC Freestyle sanctioned events are available for skier aged 7 to 18 years old.  The Super Youth category is designed for safe and fun competition for kids aged 7 to 12.  While the Timber Tour creates a more competitive environment with provincial points attached for athletes aged 12 to 18.  WE can't forget our Snowboard and Big Mountain teams either.  These programs continue to grow and we have competition level athletes touring the province in these disciplines as well.  Please ask Wade Garrod or any board member about these comps if you have any questions.  To see the event schedule and find links to register for these events log on to 

I am very excited for this season.  The programming and coach plans are looking better than ever and our facilities, the SS Terrain Park, and staff are in the best state I have seen in my time with the club.  I encourage everyone to drop by our training sites, create some ski time with one another, and enjoy the sport of freestyle.  Keep your eye open for Volunteer opportunities as well.  We need every family we can get to help with fundraising, keeping facilities operational, and putting on competitions.  

See you soon on the slopes.


President, Silver Star Freestyle Ski and Snowboard Club

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