SUBJECT:  Timber Tour

TO: SS Freestyle members

FROM: Whistler Freestyle

DATE: Feb 7, 2020

Meagan McPherson here, President of Freestyle Whistler. I wanted to reach out to you to make sure you have all of the pertinent information you need for Timber Tour #3 at Whistler Blackcomb Resort from April 2nd - April 5th.  

We have worked hard to make this event affordable for your membership and are hoping that your Freestyle Families see this as an opportunity to come to Whistler for a fun filled family ski vacation or to send their children with other families to experience all that Whistler has to offer. My son has been in Freestyle for 5 years now and we’ve attended many Timber Tours over the years. We are a family of five and we know first hand how expensive it is to attend these events. We have always had the best time exploring BC’s resorts and skiing as a family. We’ve had to send our son with friends on some occasions as budgets have not allowed us to attend as a family which inspired me to work hard to make this Timber Tour affordable for all.  

I just wanted to outline a few things that will help make this venue affordable (for detailed info click on the invite below): 

  • We have secured rooms at the Hilton for $159/night - all “off-hill” Events including the Banquet and the Comp Office are also in the Hilton
  • We are offering a Billeting Program this year - send athletes and/or coaches and families to Whistler and stay with locals at no cost.
  • We have for the first time ever in Whistler secured discounted lift tickets for event guests - close to half off window price.
  • We will have welcome packages for all attendees with coupons for discounted and free items around the village
  • Our Banquet is at the award winning Hilton Resort where we have been given a discounted rate of $35/person for a delicious and decadent buffet  


  • We will be giving free lift tickets to coaches on a 6:1 ratio of Athletes to Coaches
  • We have 30 free volunteer tickets per day for our valued volunteers

I’ve CC’d Chris Muir our Executive Director as well as Kristin Asrar-Haghighi our Volunteer Co-ordiantor and Registrar here also. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or feedback. Please reach out to Kristin with any volunteer requests you may have.

We are super excited to introduce the new Super Youth Freestyle Festival this year and Chris is your go to contact for all questions related to this exciting new event. Please reach out if you or your members have questions about this new format.

We would also love to invite you to the 2nd Annual Freestyle Summit hosted by Freestyle BC’s Executive Director, Josh Dueck. This event will take place on Friday April 3rd at 7pm in the Cheakamus Room in the Hilton - all head coaches, program coordinators and club presidents are welcome to attend. Click here to RSVP.

Please click here for invite and registration information to the Freestyle Festival and Timber Tour Invite to Whistler.

Looking forward to welcoming SS Freestyle to Whistler!


Events Chair  / Meagan McPherson /

Chief of Competition & Program Director / Chris Muir /

Event Registrars & Volunteer Coordinator / Kristin Asrar Haghighi /

Mountain Sponsor

A big thank you to all of our sponsors!

















We would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia

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