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About Us

The Silver Star Freestyle Club has grown into the largest Freestyle Ski Club in Canada.

It's growth over the last 10 years has seen the club grown from a dozen athletes in a Ski only program to upwards of 200 participating in freestyle programs.

The success of the club is based on a number of essential factors.

1 - A Committed Group of Parents and volunteers dedicated to providing positive environment, leadership and education through skilled coaching.

2 - A Mountain Resort Partner. Silver Star Mountain Resort has a long history of the support and development of Freestyle Skiing. To say they have been an important element would be a huge understatement. Their dedication and financial resources continue to provide the kids with multiple venues second to none to train and compete on. They are the cornerstone our success. Thank you on behalf of all the parents and athletes.

3 - A Committed Sponsorship Group. There is a group of businesses that have supported our organization throughout its growth. With this support the fees you would pay have been significantly reduced. Without the support, in some cases the fees would more than double. Our goal is to continue to develop these relationships in order to keep the costs to the families as low as possible. The BC Gaming Branch has provided us with a significant level of support through the Direct Access Program. They have been a consistent contributor to the programs and the funding of our infrastructure and equipment upgrades. This equates to inclusion for virtually all that want to participate. Any youth that is prepared to mow a few lawns and shovel some driveways can afford to participate if the desire is there. There is such a great selection of used ski equipment available, start up costs can be minimal.

The benefits to the family.

1 - Learning that skiing is a life long sport. Enjoying the beautiful outdoors with family and friends becomes a major part of our lifestyles. These healthy activities benefit us mentally and physically and contribute to a higher quality of life. We also believe, the more that kids are involved in these positive activities, there is less time for some of the alternatives.

2 - Enjoying the application of work ethics to achieve goals. We try to establish what each person wants to get from their skiing. It will range from a social day on the slopes and some skill improvements to aspirating to be a Professional Skier or the next Olympian. These are life skills that will pay dividends for the rest of their lives.

3 - Access to skiing with the best athletes in the country. Our club has seen some of the best Freestyle Skiers in the world participate in our programs. Their voices have been instrumental in developing the programs as they are today. Throughout the winter many of these athletes travel the world to take part in in many competitions and film with the most respected filmers and photographers. Many of them will be coaching programs at Whistler on the glacier during the summer camps where you will be paying over $1500 a week to ski with them! It is wonderful to see many of the past athletes come back to the club as coaches, giving back the tremendous knowledge they have amassed along with their passion for the sport.

4 - A chance to ski again or more frequently. For some adults, they skied when they were younger and haven't been out for a while. With the changes in ski equipment, it has never been easier to be comfortable and feel in control on the slopes. Consider taking a lesson using the new ski equipment, you may find a totally revitalized you and enjoy a few more runs with the kids.

Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about Silver Star Freestyle Ski Club.

Mountain Sponsor

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We would like to acknowledge the financial support of the Province of British Columbia

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